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VR Interactive Watch Menu

Let's create an interactive watch menu with some cool 3D buttons that actually do stuff. Enjoy!!!!

Enemy Spawn Volume

Let's create an Enemy Spawn Volume together. It will allow us to get a random location in a range, check for valid navigation points and spawn enemies not too close to each other or the player.

VR Pickup object from distance

How do you get started in implementing a pickup object from distance system? This video may help you with that. It's a simple system resembling the RecRoom pickup object system. Hope you enjoy :-)

Spline Character

Let's take a look at how we can implement a character following a spline. Here you have a simple example, I hope it will help somebody to get started. Enjoy and thanks for watching!!!

Audio Volume

Let's have a look at how to create an audio volume that starts to play a soundtrack once you get inside, stops it once you get outside, and finally plays it again from where you last left it if you get in once more.

[VR] 3d Widget

How do you set up a 3D menu for VR? Here's a simple example you can use.

Toon Water Shader [Mobile Compatible]

A simple example of how to create a toon water shader mobile compatible in unreal engine. - Engine v 4.15.3

Full Hit Reaction System

A full implemented hit reaction system that you can add to your character combat skills - Engine v 4.15.3

Dodge System

Basic dodge system - Engine v 4.15.3

Combat System - Physical Animation Component

If you are working on a combat system and you want kind of natural hit reaction you definitely have to take a look at this. Engine v 4.15.3

Widget Interaction Component

A simple example on how utilising the widget interaction component introduced in Unreal Engine 4.13 - Engine v 4.15.3

Combat System - Hit Reaction Basics

A nice and precise solution for your hit reaction system - Unreal Engine v 4.15.3

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